Debugging Safari-specific bugs in Windows via WSL2

If you want to debug your website in safari from Windows without any emulator involved, you are lucky! This guide explains how to get a fully featured WebKit browser running natively in Windows 10 and Windows 11 :)

Excel-ent experiment with WebAssembly

2. Bindings and JavaScript API

After the successful “hello XLNT” example, it was time to start exposing stuff to JavaScript. There are two easy ways of achieving this: embind and WebIDL. I chose embind because it doesn’t require any special file format and its way more complete and explicit than WebIDL.

Excel-ent experiment with WebAssembly

1. Introduction

Your software needs a well-known feature but there isn’t any good (and free) library for it.Does this situation sound familiar to you? it happens to me all the time, and it sucks. If you really need this feature, you will end up reinventing the wheel and investing a lot of time rewriting something that already exists for many other languages but not for the one you are currently using (my LINQ implementation for javascript is a good example of this).

Configuring git forks

When working with git, you may want to contribute to other people’s projects and wonder which one is the best option to setup your forked repository. In this small article I will explain my configurations and how I deal with branches and remotes.

C++ Comma Operator

2. Nice usages

In this article I will explain some nice real world usages for the comma operator.

C++ Comma Operator

1. Introduction to our filthy friend

Comma operator has been with us for a long time. First seen in C spec and improved with custom overloads in C++, it quickly became one of those hidden things you shouldn’t use.